Over 40 years of experience in the production of special cables.

Sectors where SEIS operates:


We build special cables since 1974

The area where SEIS Spa company operates since 1974, year of establishment, is the production and sale of cables for special applications.
The Company has set from the beginning its activities towards production of high technological content, using facilities and cutting-edge materials systematically renewed and updated in the light of changing market needs.
The company operates in diversified and qualifying sectors, offering specific products for a wide range of applications: video cables, audio cables, coaxial cables and triaxial multicoassiali, robotics and automation cables, telecommunication cables and data transmission, BUS and LAN cables for land vehicles, naval and automotive sector, for electronic cables, geotechnical, seismographic and oceanographic , electro equipment, for power cables, cables for thermocouples, for security systems cables, video control and alarm, cables for military use, cables for underwater applications and floating, high temperature cables, plates and rounded flat cables, all built to the high quality standards and comply with the most important national and international standards.

The special applications sector normally requires high performance, high reliability, small size and weight, and therefore the materials used must meet special requirements with regard to: operating temperatures, stability under different thermal, mechanical, chemical and irrelevance to the characteristics of the environment of use.
All materials, acquired from qualified suppliers, and cables, both during processing and phase completed are submitted to the Quality Control Section, rigorous laboratory testing to ensure its compliance with the existing rules of unification, national specifications and International, or the particular needs requested by customers. An agile structure and rationally sized, together with a high throughput, allow to satisfy the particular entity committed, without losing the flexibility and dynamism in the deliveries that represent one of the essential characteristics of the Company.
All cable products can be made in special versions: fire retardant, low emission of toxic and corrosive gases, LSZH, armed, shielded by electrostatic and electromagnetic interference (EMI / RFI), self-supporting, anti-tear, anti-oil resistant to ' abrasion, or according to the requirement of each special application.

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