Geotechnical and Subsea

Special cables for geotechnical and oceanographic applications.

Geotechnical and Subsea

Cables for Geotechnical and Subsea

SEIS Spa produces ditterent tipologies of cables for applications related to geotechnical and oceanographic installation like:

  • Umbilical for subsea systems
  • ROV and Tethers cables
  • Electromechanical cables with high capacity
  • Neutral buoyancy floating cables
  • Cables for seismic detection equipments
  • Cables for underwater cameras
  • Cables for load cells and pressure
  • Cables for hydrogeological instrumentation
  • Cables for inclinometer probes

In addition to high customization level of each product, SEIS is at complete disposal for the design and construction of hybrid cables integrating several elements in a whole custom product perfectly fit for the most particoular technical and business needs.
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Cables for connecting instruments in public areas and in hazardous or poorly ventilated environments. In the event of a fire, the low emission of toxic and corrosive gases and the limited opacity of fumes developed do not over reduce the visibility in identifying escape routes provided by the safety systems and evacuation procedure. The materials used confer specific performances in terms of self-extinguishing and delay in the flame propagation as further precaution in terms of room safety.


Integrated cables with load-bearing elements to support probes and suspended instrumentation. The reinforcement elements, made up of special synthetic yarns or metallic threads, are arranged in different and specific geometries, which provide the cable withstanding traction stresses and support the application in different laying and installation modes.


Special cables reinforced with metal armor giving superior mechanical strength and enhancing protection against damage by rodents, trampling and external stresses caused by the interaction of cables with field equipment and machinery. The mechanical protection conferred by the armor is in many cases combined with a "double sheath" solution which gives properties of impermeability and high resistance to potential infiltrations and makes the cable extremely resistant as well.


Highly specific cables designed with special sheath material compounds, suitable for operation under extreme temperatures and resistant to the most aggressive corrosive agents even in case of exposure to high temperatures, conditions occurring in the installation of cables and measuring equipment inside the concrete, directly in the same building subject of monitoring.

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