Custom Solutions

Hybrid special cables and customized product solutions

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

The continuous evolution of increasingly innovative and cutting-edge industries in the world of technology requires the design of components and new solutions and in step with the new applications.
The design of a special cable dedicated very often is the necessary step to make effective and performing a new equipment, whose functionality and application environment require a careful study of materials, dimensions, geometry and, very often, the integration of additional functions in addition to the typical signaling functionality and power supply.

Integrated hybrid cables with structural elements and fluids handling, resistant to external agents and with particular dynamic response to the stresses are the typical examples of what our technical department makes available to the customer, together with a careful attention to the environment of lead exposure itself, with industry regulations and requirements of the most particular application needs.

We analyze your needs and design ad hoc special cables fully fitting your application by addressing the technical issues in accordance with the complete fulfillment of the installation requirements and integrating our experience with the continuous search for new solutions.

Over 40 years of established presence in the Custom field test the effectiveness of the solutions we propose always supported by a thorough study and strong critical thinking aiming at continuous improvement.

Special dimensional requirements and dynamics found in the use of machine tools for woodworking led to the design of a suitable flat cable installation in catenary, unifying power and control functions for optimizing the footprint and reducing the number of moving components.

Multifunction power and signal cable specifically designed for installation on mobile lighting equipment of stadiums and venues.

Depth studies on the assembly geometry and elastic modulus of the materials used, have allowed to obtain a predetermined stiffness of the helical spring, defined by specific mechanical and dynamic constraints of the project of the entire apparatus, ensuring full and optimum operation of mechanical advance and retraction of the moving parts.

Hybrid cable integrated with power supply elements up to 1kV of rated voltage, control/signaling elements and fluid handlig hoses.

The specific geometry of elements lay-up and the high level of materials used garantee very high flexibility to the whole cable, even for short segments, making this special cable perfectly fit for those application requiring a continual flexo-trosion movement typical for manually hadled devices as electro-medical instruments for body care and beauty treatements.

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